When experiencing headwinds while driving, cars have to accelerate more to keep at their initial speed. This increase in energy consumption results in less sustainable driving. Automated cars face similar issues.

Project Whoosh is a shape changing interactive dashboard tackling sustainable automated driving in relation to the environmental factor wind. Working within the context of the Daimler / Mercedes Vision AVTR, Project Whoosh focusses on sustainability. As an added benefit, Whoosh connects passengers on the inside of the automated vehicle to the outside environment.

Through shape changing visual communication, the dashboard shows the effect of headwinds on the car’s level of sustainable driving. Passengers are presented the possibility to influence the car’s speed in order to adapt to a more optimal level of sustainability.

Thanks to its design Whoosh fits with Vision AVTR’s design language, including similar interactions to its symbiosis based controls and use of sustainable and nature-like materials.

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