Self-driving cars are an upcoming subject in our society. A lot of discussion can be held about whether it is safe or if you would consider using it instead of driving yourself. Researchers and designers have been busy over the years in developing this technology and everything around it. This project focusses on self-driving cars that are in control during non-critical situations, for example driving on a calm highway. What is expected of people is that, when he/she feels confident that the car can handle itself, they will find something else to do to make use of that time. However, during this it could be beneficial for the driver or passenger that he or she is assured of the capabilities of the car. This is part of a larger range of so called automation cues. The intention of this design is that it fits into the interior of the car when you, the driver, are in control. Until there comes a point in your route that the car is the one who will take the control, in order for you to relax. It does so by displaying your navigation when you are in control which will then slowly deteriorate when the car is going to take over control. From there on it will show black panels that simulate a calming breathing pattern. This is supposed to reassure the driver that the car has everything under control. When the time comes to take back the control the navigation will slowly reappear on the panels so that you know the control will fall back to you.


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