Have you ever been a passenger in an automated vehicle (AV) level 4? The integration of this technology is coming closer every day. However, 44% would still choose a regular car over an AV. What if we could provide a tool for inexperienced AV passengers to decrease stress? During the development of the concept TURN, it was explored how the AV can decrease stress for their passenger. The concept consist of a stress detector, which tracks if the user is feeling stressed. If the AV detects stress, it will elaborate on the situation by showing a symbol (e.g. a symbol for parking). Additionally, if the passenger is still confused about the symbol or situation, an eye tracking mechanism will determine to give more information on this symbol and therefore situation. The only thing the passenger has to do is to look at the symbol for 2 seconds. Furthermore, the symbol will appear on the spot where the passenger is looking to reach providing information immediately. Lastly, when the passenger gets more used to the non-critical AV decisions, the AV won’t detect stress as often and the visuals will therefore not pop up as often any more. In this way TURN will be a tool to help integrate non experienced AV passengers by reducing stress through visuals.


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