As the ‘Non-Driving Related Activities’-group we found ourselves drawn to designing for public transport. A problem for a lot of travellers, is the stress they perceive when visiting new stations. Especially with the peculiar bus-setup at Eindhoven Central Station, we notice a lot of unclarity around arrival-platforms and times. To tackle this problem, we have designed an interactive table for personalized way-finding.

Our table has a bird’s-eye overview of all bus-stations at Eindhoven, together with a round NFC reader and an interactive display. A stranded traveller can hold their phone against the NFC reader, which physically ‘pulls’ their route information (from 9292- or NS-app) of the phone’s screen onto the table. To increase inclusivity, users without a smartphone are able to quickly insert their bus number onto the small display. Both inputs will lead to pulsing directions to the correct bus-station and additional basic route information.

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