In moments of an emergency, every second counts, and a matter of life could be at hand. We present ESA, a system designed to inform and empower level 3 automated road users and save precious minutes on the road.

Imagine a world where every driver becomes an ally in the race against time, effortlessly making way for emergency vehicles. With ESA, we bridge the gap between emergency vehicles and everyday drivers, ensuring a seamless flow of traffic for swift emergency vehicle passage.

Not only does ESA benefit the emergency vehicle drivers, but it also supports regular drivers who may experience panic and confusion when confronted with an approaching emergency vehicle. Our system provides clear instructions and guidance, alleviating the uncertainty and empowering drivers to react swiftly and effectively, playing their crucial part in potentially saving lives.

Together, we can transform our roads into a synchronized network of compassion and efficiency. With ESA, we recognize that every second counts, and together, we can create a world where no life is lost due to delayed emergency response. Let’s pave the way to a safer future, one siren at a time.


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