This project focuses on the interaction between cyclists and other road users to calibrate the trust between them, something that all the members of our team had a personal interest in as frequent cyclists and road users. Our project’s starting point was a scenario where we identified uncertainty and a lack of communication between a cyclist and surrounding road users; a cyclist on a shared, one-way street is approached from behind by a truck. Since there are parked cars along the side of the road, the truck does not always have enough space to overtake the cyclist safely. To calibrate trust in this scenario, the truck must communicate to the cyclist that it has registered the cyclist’s presence and must indicate that it intends to overtake the cyclist when it can do so. The most appropriate way to facilitate this communication is with the use of an External Human Machine Interface (eHMI). Our eHMI went through a comprehensive design process where it was validated and updated at various stages with input from potential users as well as industry experts in this field.


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