A clouded mind lacks the capacity to make changes toward sustainable living. AVTR HOAN transforms the Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR through an adaptive interior ambiance. It provides the climate you require to have the moments of relaxation, energy and focus you need in order to make changes towards a sustainable lifestyle. Through a personalised driving experience, AVTR HOAN creates an even deeper connection between vehicle, user, and the surrounding area.

Four senses are gently stimulated in unified experiences and guide the user towards their desired state of mind through sound, scent, light, and haptics.

Sensors in the car measure biophysical attributes of the driver. Through reinforced machine learning, the car becomes aware of the features that define your current and desired state of mind. The longer you’re paired up with the system, the better it knows what you need. This way, the symbiosis between Human, Machine and Nature is truly achieved.

Video demo

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