The Angel project investigates the integration of drones in the Netherlands’ cardiac emergency responses targeting high risk patients and elderly individuals.

Building upon existing innovations like the Ambulance Drone, wearable heart attack detection devices and CPR machines, our team created a concept that emphasizes speed, effectiveness and user-friendliness. Within this concept, focus was put on the interaction concerns and aesthetics of the ‘Angel drone’ and the creation of an VR-driven evaluation tool for further R&D.

Utilizing interactive VR technology, we’ve developed an immersive experience simulating a real-life emergency scenario. Users engage with the system first-hand, experiencing heightened risk and actively participating in life-saving interventions. Through this platform, we gather feedback to refine the design of the ‘Angel drone’, ensuring optimal usability and effectiveness in real-world applications.

Source code

The source code for this project is available here.

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