Quite possibly in the near future, manual drivers will be sharing the road with automated vehicles (AVs). These machine-human shared roads will inevitably create some problems, as 41% of today’s drivers indicate to not be willing to share the road with these automated vehicles. Actually, most people consider AVs a bad idea in general, mainly due to a lack of comfort. In order to create more comfort for these people I have created AMBIT, a 360-degree spatial sound design placed in the manual-driven vehicle. AMBIT uses sound to explain the behaviour of overtaking AVs. The sound can be personalized to its user, varying between very obvious, foreground sounds and very chill, background sounds. By providing auditory stimuli the user can predict the behaviour of the overtaking AV while at the same time feeling seen. AMBIT provides more comfort for drivers in the future, and will therefore help the transition between a manual-driven present day, and a automated future.


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